California Prop 65

California Proposition 65 is a state law requiring businesses to notify consumers when products contain certain chemicals.  Rineck products may enter the State of California through the general stream of commerce.  To ensure compliance with Proposition 65, Rineck USA includes warnings on its products that may include the following language:

WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Any product manufactured, distributed and/or provided by Rineck and obtained or purchased by buyer, whether for distribution, resale, use or otherwise, shall be labeled in compliance with California's Proposition 65 law and implementing regulations.  Buyer must notify Rineck USA of any product without a Proposition 65 label.  Upon its receipt of such notice, Rineck USA, at its sole discretion, will instruct buyer to return any or all such products to Rineck USA, whereupon Rineck USA will replace such returned products with properly labeled products, or to retain any or all such products, in which case Rineck USA shall provide labels and further instructions for the labeling of such products.  Buyer agrees to certify to Rineck USA its compliance with any and all instructions provided in accordance herewith, as required by Proposition 65 and otherwise as Rineck USA may reasonably request from time to time.  Buyer agrees to indemnify Rineck USA for all claims, actions and suits arising from any actual or alleged violation of Proposition 65 relating in any way to any product provided by Rineck USA to buyer.  

If you have any questions regarding these matters, please contact Rineck USA.